Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What about seating?

A.  It is suggested to bring chairs or a blanket as there is limited grandstand seating available at most venues.


Q. Can I bring food and or alcohol?

A. Yes, but definately no glass or alcohol.


Q. Is there parking?

A. Parking is available for free unless otherwise advised. (Car spaces venue orientated)


Q. Do you accept pension cards?

A. No, but companion cards are recognized by this company.


Q. What is the charge for babies or children under 3?

A. They are free.


Q.  What, if it rains?

A. The show will continue, the trucks love the train, it's more fun!!


Q. Is there a surcharge, if you purchase your tickets at the gate?

A. Yes.


Q. Where can I buy tickets?

A. Online and at the gate.


Q. Do I have to print out my ticket?

A. Preferably yes, as it will assist with our ticket scanning process and will expediate your entry into the event area.


Q. Are there refunds?

A. No, our show is non-refundable. We are reasonably priced and believe there is something in the show that will please everyone.


If the show is canceled, this will be advised and would normally lead to an alternative date.

Event program is subject to changes.




We ask that all people practice patience in the lines at event entry, for food,  toilets etc. as sometimes you may experience queues.

Similar situations can and will happen at any other popular/major events.


We thank you for your understanding.